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Page Design and Organization

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The SLAC WWW Coordinating Committee established an ad hoc committee in January 1997, with broad SLAC representation, to review the SLAC Home Pages and recommend revisions where appropriate. The new page design and organization is a result of the work of this committee, chaired by Tom Mattison. Part of the job of the Web Information Manager is to implement the committee's recommendations.

Design Goal

The ad hoc committee did not change the three page model for the main home pages, although the desirability of a simplified or customizable alternative was discussed. This model continues with the Welcome page as the public page, while the Detailed and Highlighted pages are designed primarily for working members of the SLAC community, both staff and collaborators. The main goal of the ad hoc committee was to evaluate the value of the material on the current pages, relocate less essential information off the home pages, and reorganize the remaining material into new categories. The new categories are:

  1. Research Program
  2. Scientific Information
  3. Working at SLAC
  4. Computing
  5. Organization
  6. Page in Transition

The full report of the ad hoc committee is on-line.

New Features

There are many new features on the redesigned pages. More details about the new design is available on-line. Some of the new features include:

Search Engine Upgrade

Coinciding with the new page design, the web search engine at SLAC has been upgraded to the Infoseek engine used at Stanford University. Bebo White in SCS's TAG Department was instrumental in making this upgrade happen quickly. The new engine searches all of the web servers at SLAC, not just the main Unix web server.

Migration Strategy

June 4 Pre-review of the proposed pages at the following URLs. Please use our form to provide public feedback or send email to
New Detailed
New Highlighted
June 18 Incorporate pre-review comments and suggestions, as appropriate.
June 19 Replace the current pages with the new ones, at the default location. Continue to request public feedback about the pages. Keep the old pages, unmaintained, at different URLs:
Old Detailed
Old Highlighted
August 3 Old versions of the web pages are deleted from production web space.

19 Jun 1998