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About SLAC Announcements

SLAC Announcements are links to WWW-accessible text files (HTML or ascii) containing timely information for SLAC researchers, collaborators, and staff.

Members of the SLAC community may submit URLs to be posted as SLAC Announcements. A page containing guidelines about what kinds of information is appropriate as SLAC Announcements and a WWW form for submitting URLs is available to members of the SLAC community:

SLAC Announcement Info and Submission Form
(available to SLAC users only.)

Current Announcements

Current SLAC Announcements appear in the bulletin board region near the top of the SLAC Highlighted Home and Detailed Home pages, as well as on this page.

Sep 01 Detector Techniques lectures, sponsored by SLUO
Sep 01 Vote by 9/15! Candidates for SLAC Users Organization Executive Board
Aug 27 QuickNews for August 28, 1998
Aug 26 Beam Instrumentation Workshop '98 Preliminary Conference Proceedings now available
Aug 22 Funds for multi-year Tech Transfer Projects
Aug 18 SLAC-Owned Pagers To Be Discontinued October 1st
Aug 13 QuickMail Service Shutdown (target date 09/18/98)
Aug 06 Funds for Tech Transfer Projects

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