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02 Sep 1998

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The following laptop computers, digital cameras, and multimedia projector are available from the SLAC Loaner Pool at the SCS Help Desk. The equipment can be useful for official business trips or presentations and is available for loan to SLAC personnel for one week time at a time. To reserve or check out equipment, come to the Help Desk in Building 50 between 8-12 am and 1-5 pm or call ext. 4357 (HELP).

Notebook Computers

Digital Cameras

Sony 10x Mavica digital still camera, great for taking filmless digital pictures and viewing images online. Requires no loading of special desktop software.

QuickTake 100 digital camera for Mac/Windows, useful for taking filmless digital pictures of people and objects for online documents. Windows adapter/software also available. Close-up and wide-angle lenses available.

Media Projector

Infocus Lite Pro 620 projector provides desktop imaging applications with super VGA compatibility at 800x600 resolution. Projecting desktop images can be a real asset for classroom or conference settings.

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