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June 9,1997 

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** Policy: Windows95 (9/95)  ** Policy: Remote Access Servers (8/9/96) 
** Policy: WWW Security (8/9/96)  ** Policy: Individual Home Page (9/6/96) 
** Policy: SUNet/Leland Access (11/1/96)  ** Policy: Computing Purchases (3/21/97) 

Policy: Windows95 (9/95)

SLAC will not support Windows 95 in its present format. Review of this policy will be market-driven with continued feedback from the SLAC PC Group.

Policy: SUNet/Leland Access (11/1/96)

SUNet/Leland access requires justification based on research need connected to SLAC's program.. Contact Steve Williams for more information.

Policy: Computing Purchases (3/21/97)

Purchase of desktop computing systems via credit card will NOT be allowed at this time. Credit card purchases will NOT be allowed for purchase of system components with the intent of assembling a desktop computer system. Software and other peripherals may be purchased with a SLAC credit card (up to the imposed limit and according to department guidelines). SLAC divisions are to determine how this policy will be managed in individual divisions. At such a time when computing standards are defined by the SLAC Standards Committee, this policy may be revised.

NOTE: The SCS Desktop Support Group is pursuing bulk purchase prices for a suite of software applications. Contact the Desktop Support Group manager for purchase options for WinNT and Mac

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