Associate Directors' 

Committee on Computing 


November 30, 1998 

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This document is aimed at the SLAC community for information on proposed site-wide computing strategies.

** Charge/Purpose 

** ADCC Policy Statements  

** Committee Members 

** Meeting Summaries 

** Subcommittees 

** Next ADCC Meeting/Agenda 

** Stategic Plan for Computing


The Associate Directors' Committee on Site-Wide Computing at SLAC is formed to coordinate and oversee information management, networking, telecommunications and computing at the site-wide level. The committee is charged with setting strategic directions and goals and establishing and maintaining the organizational and technical infrastructure for these areas.

The Associate Directors Committee on Computing (ADCC) meets on the first and third Friday of each month and deals with reports from various advisory committees and working groups and collectively deals with new acquisitions and policy setting. The ADCC recognizes the need for a strategic plan for computing at SLAC and is preparing a plan that sets policy and gives a road map for the future. This plan will be reviewed, revisited, and updated periodically as technologies change. Overall strategies of the ADCC Strategic Plan for Computing include:


** David Leith, Committee Chair, Research Division

** Matt Allen, Director's Office

** Keith Hodgson, SSRL

** Jerry Jobe, BSD

** Ken Kase, ES&H

** Jonathan Dorfan, PEP II

** Ewan Paterson, TD

** Richard Mount, SCS

Next ADCC Meeting: December 18, 1998

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