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Page created: February 2, 1994. Last update: December 12, 1998. Owner: Les Cottrell
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This is a list of vendors who provide computing and networking products, publications and conferences of interest to the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).

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Sep-Dec '98 Execmail, Checkpoint, Lucent, Process, Quadritek,
May-Aug '98 Anixter, Graybar, RedCreek, RealNetworks, Logitech, DataFellows, Qwest, AccessMicro, BuySoftware, TryAndBuy, Jem Computers, Network Magazine, Covad,
Jan-Apr '98 Palm Computing, Wavespan, PictureTalk, SPlus, Maple, PV-Wave, FairMarket, AirTouch,
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Computing & Networking Companies

Index to Short Descriptions of Companies/Products
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Adobe Systems Incorporated's home page, including a permuted index to their page titles and access to Free Acrobat Readers for viewing PDF files.
Airtouch Communications provides wireless services such as paging, cellular and PCS phone services in many countries.
America On Line
Americal On Line (AOL) the largest provider of online services in the world.
AMD is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and communications markets.
Andataco experts in network storage solutions.
Apple's WWW site and their Support & Information page with corporate info, product descriptions, technical services and software updates. Also see Applewatch for a constanatly updated set of links to Apple news culled from many sources.
Ascend Communications, Inc. is a leading, worldwide provider of remote networking solutions for corporate central sites, Carriers and Internet Service Providers' points of presence, remote offices, mobile workers and telecommuters.
AST Computer's Web site.
AT&T is ;dedicated to three fundamental principles: providing world-class customer service, helping to care for the communities of which we are a part, and being a clear leader in technological and product innovation."
BBN Planet Internet Services.
Cabletron's WWW site provides customers with access to information about Cabletron's products, services and technical support.
Checkpoint provides policy-based enterprise security and traffic management solutions including Firewall-1.
Cisco Systems' Information Archive with networking materials for its customers and information on education.
Citrix Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of multi-user application server software that extend the reach of Microsoft* Windows* applications to remote users over the extended enterprise network, corporate Intranet and public Internet.
The Clarity Compatibility Server ensures that you can always read e-mail attachments or enclosures.
Claris International's home page with information on products and demos, software library, sales and customer assistance, and technical support.
Combinet, Inc.,'s home page with information on its networking products, newsletter, and ISDN.
Compaq's home page.
Connectix supply QuickCam, RAM doubler and Speed Doubler.
Covad is dedicated to delivering high-speed access solutions that connect corporations to the home and connect small businesses to the Internet.
Creative Labs
Creative Labs is a leading provider of multimedia products and peripherals for personal computers. They make the popular Sound Blaster interface for desktop audio.
CREN (Corporation for Research and Educational Networking).
CREN serves education, research, and the rest of the Internet community with software and services. CREN's focus is on supporting educational outreach, worldwide collaboration, and easy access to information resources throughout the network.
DataFellows provides data security products in all the areas of IT security including their F-Secure VPN+.
Dell Computer Company's home page with products, support and corporate information.
Digital Equipment Corporation's WWW server with extensive DEC information, including the Customer Services, newsgroups and mailing lists, archives and public domain software, and access to Alpha AXP demo systems.
Enterprise Integration Technologies' WWW server, with information about the company and many other Internet resources, including WAIS.
Eudora (Qualcomm) home site.
Execmail (used to be Simeon) provides high end, secure, mission critical messaging over public networks.
FairMarket, a leading auction site specifically designed for the volume buyer of computers, components, and peripherals.
Farallon (maker of innovative plug and play networking products) Web server.
Frame Technology
Frame Technology is the maker of the FrameMaker publishing product that is uaed at SLAC. They are now owned by Adobe.
Frontier Software
Frontier Software's Web site with information on the Netscout product family of SNMP/RMON network monitoring devices.
Global Village
Global Village Communications Home page provides product information, access to customer support etc.
GTE is one of the largest publicly held telecommunications companies in the world.
The Hewlett-Packard Company's WWW server with news and information on products, contacts, services & support, the organization itself, and how to navigate its Web.
IBM Corporation's home page with information on its products, services, industry solutions, technology, research, and more. See also RISC System/6000 in Austin on the hardware and AIX software and Almaden Research Center, and OS/2 WWW Sites.
IBM Kiosk for Education, developed at the University of Washington with IBM information, application software, and a bulletin board for people in the higher education community. Follow-on to ISAAC.
Innosoft International Inc.
Innosoft home of the PMDF eMail Interconnect.
Insignia is a worldwide supplier of software solutions that enable our customers to use Windows applications on diverse systems throughout the enterprise and over the Internet.
Intel's home page with information on Processors & PCs, Communications & Networking, PC Developer Support, and Embedded Design Products. Also see The Intel Owner's Club.
Intergraph's home page provides access to products and services, user groups, etc.
Ipsilon, the IP switch company, with information on products, support and services, and technology.
Keynote measures and manager Web site performance.
Logitech designs, manufactures and markets human interface devices that connect people and computers in an intuitive and natural way.
Waterloo Maple develops interactive mathematical solutions for educators and technical professionals.
Mathematica from Wolfram Research.
The Mathworks, Inc.,'s WWW server on the company and its products, e.g., the MATLAB program.
McAfee provides network security and management products.
Metropolitan Fiber Systems (MFS) Communications compnay is a wholly owned subsidiary of WorldCom. MFS runs MAE-West and MAE-East.
Metricom provider of Wireless communications (see also Ricochet).
Microsoft Corporation's experimental WWW server with public information about the company and its products.
Motorola is a manufacturer of communications, computing and semiconductor products.
Network Applications Technology (N.A.T.) home page with company and product information.
Network Appliance
NetApp provides filers -- specialized, high-performance appliances for the network to handle data-access.
NBase Communications
NBase an early GigaBit Ethernet switch vendor.
Network Computing Devices, Inc.,'s home page with corporate, product, and technical information, including material on its X terminals.
NETCOM is a leading Internet Service Provider, delivering complete Internet solutions to individuals, businesses, and educational institutions.
Netscape's home page.
Network General
Network General Corporation's home page with sales, service and product information.
NeXT Computer, Inc.'s site.
Northern Telecom (Nortel) works with customers worldwide to design, build, and integrate digital networks -- for communication, information, entertainment, education, and commerce. Includes the Entrust family of public-key cryptography products providing encryption, digital signature and automated key management for tens of thousands of users and beyond.
Novell's home page with access to manuals, technical support, services and applications.
Open Horizon
OPEN HORIZON, INC. is a leading provider of connectivity software that assists organizations in moving from departmental to enterprise-wide client/server solutions. The company builds and markets Connection, the first product to provide new or existing applications with plug-and-play access into enterprise services, such as heterogeneous databases, user authentication, data encryption, directory services and transaction processing monitors.
Optimal Networks
Optimal Networks develops and sells a new generation of software products for network modeling and analysis.
Oracle's Information Highway home page.
Pac Bell
Pacific Bell's home page.
PageWatch is a free service from MicroMat Computer Systems that allows you to monitor your favorite WWW pages for changes.
Palm Computing
Home of the PalmPilot connected organizers.
PeopleSoft provides client/server solutions to human resources, financials, materials management, distribution, manufacturing, and industry solutions.
PictureTalk Communicator is PictureTalk's client software for real-time visual communication over intranets and the Internet. It is used by ESnet's PictureTalk Conference Server.
PictureTel a Global Video Conferencing company.
Process Software develops, sells, and supports TCP/IP and IP resource management networking software solutions for the enterprise. The companys key products include TCPware® and MultiNet®, and its new Directory-centric IPworks® suite of cross platform IP resource management products.
PV-Wave is a 4th generation grpahical visualization language package from Visual Numerics.
QMS, Inc.,'s home page with information on its document processing and printing products and services.
Quadralay make applications such as WebWorks Publisher that allow one to create Web HTML pages using FrameMaker.
Quadritek (now part of Lucent) provides software solutions for intergrated IP services management, including DHCP.
QUALCOMM Incorporated is a leading supplier of digital wireless communications products and technologies.
Internet tools provider.
Qwest is a global communications company building a high-capacity, fiber optic, Internet Protocol (IP)-based network to deliver a new generation of multimedia, data and voice communications services and applications.
REalNetworks develops and markets software products andd services designed to enable users of personal computers and other digital devices to send and receive real-time media using today's infrastructure.
RedCreek has developed low-cost, high-speed products and services to address comprehencsive network security.
Ricochet a leading provider of two-way wireless data communications and scaleable wide area networks. They also have an Academic program.
SAS Institute, Software for Successful Decision Making.
Seagate's home page for information on storage and software products, technical support and product specifications.
Security Dynamics
Security Dynamics, a worldwide leader in information security systems, develops, markets and supports software and hardware products that prevent unauthorized access to information on host computers and networks.
Silicon Graphics, Inc.,'s home page with marketing, product, class, technical, and other information on its high-performance visual computing systems.
S-Plus from MathSoft combines sophisticated data analysis techniques with a smooth and intuitive interface, giving a broad range of users access to powerful analysis and visualization techniques.
Stanford Bookstore MicroDisc
Stanford Bookstore MicroDisc provides Product Information, Prices, Ordering Guidelines, hours, location, and policy.
Internet Servers and Email Software Solutions for the Mac including the WebSTAR server.
Storage Technology
Storage Tecnology Corporation Online.
Sun Microsystems, Inc.,'s home page with product and service information. See also the Sun Archives at the University of North Carolina (UNC).
Tektronix's home page with information on printers, networking (including Xterminals), video, and measurement products.
Resource for telephone adapters, phone plug adapters, acoustic couplers, cellular and mobile phone connections, laptop batteries, digital PBX adapters, and power plug adaptors.
Telamon manufacturer of the Telalert paging system.
Telex Computer Audio Group produces premier computer microphones and noise canceling headsets enabling speech dictation, speech recognition, video conferencing, Internet telephony, computer telephony and other computer audio applications.
TGV's home page with products & services, customer support and company information.
Tivoli, an independent business unit of IBM, provides TME10 (Tivoli Management Environment) a standard for managing network computing.
Toshiba's products include information and communications systems, electronic components, heavy electrical apparatus, electronic consumer goods and medical diagnostic imaging equipment, and it is a manufacturer of semiconductors and laptops and personal notebook computers.
Transarc provides state-of-the-art products that are technically advanced, multi-platform, standards-based, and integrated with other complementary technologies.
Trend Micro
Trend Micro Inc. is a leading developer of server-based virus protection, with products designed for file servers, Internet and Intranet gateways, and E-mail servers.
USRobotics WWW server provides information on products and services, contacts, access to support.
VeriSign designs, builds and manages customized Digital ID services for financial institutions, service providers and corporations with high volume deployments.
WaveSpan Corporation develops wireless broadband communication systems & in particular makes wireless Ethernet devices..
White Pine
White Pine Software Inc. provides a complete line of X Window System Display Servers (eXodus), DEC and Tektronix terminal emulation software, and the commercial version of CU-SeeMe.
Williams Communications
Williams Communications is the telecommunications subsidiary of The Williams Companies, a worldwide energy and communications supplier.
A greatly expanded WilTel recently emerged when Williams Communications Group and Nortel combined their extensive customer-premise equipment sales and service operations into a new entity, WilTel Communications, LLC.
WinterLAN is a WAN integrator and ISDN Internet Service Provider (ISP).
The Wollongong Group's home page with products and services, company information and marketing partners.
The Workstation Group
The Workstation Group Ltd. specializes in software for companies converting from IBM mainframes to Open Systems Solutions. Their products include Uni-REXX and uni-XEDIT.
Xircom, mobile networking experts.
3Com is a large, profitable and fast growing networking company.

Computer Stores

30,000 products online computer superstore with real time pricing, availability, and product information.
A provider of integrated networking and cabling solutions that support business information and network infrastructures.
Over 50,000 hardware and software products available, including developer tools, games, Internet/networking, software and more.
Provides computer solutions with stores across the country, training, and supports the needs of all sizes and kinds of businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies. 1(800)CompUSA.
ComputerWare guarantees the lowest price on Mac products. 1(800)725-4MAC.
Sells computer hardware and software through its chain of stores and via the phone. 1(800)EggHead.
Greybar's customers are primarily electrical and comm/data contractors, commercial and industrial firms, telephone companies, and power utilities.
Jem Computers
Jem Computers' site sells new or refurbished notebooks, servers and workstations. The company lists products for 10 weeks. Each week they go unsold, Jem trims 10% off the price. It will email customers when products they want hit a certain price.
Microdisc Department
The Microcomputer Disccount program of the Stanford Bookstore with product information, ordering guidelines, prices etc.
Source for Computer Products. 1(800)397-8508.
Download and demo fully functional software packages before purchasing. Choose from software for games, Internet tools, e-mail, kids activities, desktop publishing and more.

Publishers and Conference Organizers

FTP server for Addison-Wesley and related publishing houses.
/AIXtra is IBM's Magazine for AIX professionals.
Cardinal Business Media Inc.
Cardinal Business Media Inc. publishers of the INTERNETWORK magazine.
Computerworld's home page, the Internet connection for the IT community.
Datamation's home page providing technology and business solutions for IS managers.
Data Communications
Data Communications Magazine home page for networking professionals who plan, design, and manage corporate backbone networks.
Dr Dobb's Journal
Dr Dobb's Journal home page with information on Software Careers, Business Links, Source Code, Feature Articles and much more.
Information Week
Information Week's TechWeb home page.
MacUser home page.
MacWeek posts new stories daily.
MacWorld home page.
MecklerMedia, publishers of WebWeek and Internet World Conference Organizers.
Network Computing
Network Computing, a monthly magazine on client/server computing, articles are available Online via WWW
Network Magazine
Network Magazine a monthly magazine on network technology for businesses.
NetworkWorld Fusion to learn more about the top stories in NetworkWorld.
O'Reilly & Associates' WWW Resource Center on their organization, its UNIX and Internet publications, and other products. See also the Global Network Navigator (GNN), an information center with several electronic publications and other resource centers. N.B.: ORA's Terms and Conditions of Use require subscription to GNN, a heretofore uncustomary restriction to information access on the Internet.
PC World Magazine.
Prentice Hall
Prentice Hall's home page, including its Professional Technical Reference (PTR) titles.
SOFTBANK Exposition and Conference Co. (previously ZD Expos), presenter of high-tech trade shows like NetWorld+Interop and the Seybold Seminars and publishers of ConneXions, plus an online virtual trade show.
WEB Techniques
WEB Techniques monthly magazine provides solutions for Internet and Web developers.

Other Information Sources

You may also find the following SLAC pages interesting: Information Grab Bag, Network Reference Information.

Also see Stanford's Portfolio Vendor list and the Burmex Computers links to computer hardware and software companies.

Or check out the following information elsewhere: Yellow Pages.
Commercial Sites Index.
Companies Online by Dunn & Bradstreet and Lycos.
Computer and Software Magazines and Journals from "View from Internet Valley".
comp.newprod archive.
Computer and Communication Companies.
Directory of WWW.*.com servers.
Europages, the European Business Directory.

FedEx to allow you to track a Package.
GTE SuperPages Yellow Pages
International Cablemakers' Federation represents about 70% of wire & cable manufacturers. Companies can be searched by sepciality, such as telecom or submarine cable.
Network Buyer's Guide It provides users with information on the computer storage and networking industry. It features a searchable database of products, links to vendor websites, a library of white papers, press releases, online product presentations, and more.
Silicon Valley Web Directory with links to over 2000 Computer Industry Companies.
Thomas Register of American Companies
Top 100 American Computer Companies from "View from Internet Valley".
Top 100 popular sites on the web excluding browser companies, ISP's, colleges and Adult sites. The list is compiled daily.
The Virtual Software Library lets you search a database of > 130,000 files, culled from the 22 largest software archives, for shareware and freeware, as well as provides access to more than 100 reviews of PC and Mac packages.

Index of Computer & Networking Vendors & Publishers

A AccessMicro, Addison Wesley, AirTouch, Adobe, AIXtra, AMD, Anixter, AOL, Andataco, Apple, Ascend, AST, AT&T,
B BBN, BuySoftware,
C Cabletron, Checkpoint, Citrix, Cisco, Clarity, Claris, Combinet, Compaq, Compuserve, CompUSA, ComputerWare, Computerworld, Covad, Connectix, Creative Labs, CREN, CU-SeeMe,
D Data Communications, DataFellows, Datamation, Dell, DEC, Dr Dobb's,
E EIT, Entrust, EggHead, Eudora, Execmail, eXodus,
F FairMarket, Farallon, Frame, Frontier Software,
G Global Village, Graybar, GTE,
I IBM, Information week, Innosoft, Insignia, Intel, Intergraph, INTERNETWORK, Ipsilon,
J Jem Computers,
K Keynote,
L Logitech, Lucent,
M MacUser, MacWeek, MacWorld, Maple, Mathematica, Mathworks, MathLab, McAfee, Mecklermedia, Metricom, MFS, MicroDisc, MicroWarehouse Microsoft, Motorola,
N NAT, Network Appliance, Network Buyer's Guide, NBase, NCD, Netcom, Network Magazine, Netscape, Network Computing, Network General, NetworkWorld, NeXT, Nortel, Novell,
O Open Horizon, Optimal Networks, Oracle, O'Reilly Associates,
P Pac. Bell, PageWatch, Palm Computing, PeopleSoft, PCWorld, PictureTalk, PictureTel, Prentice Hall, Process, Prodigy, PV-Wave,
Q QMS, Quadralay, Quadritek, Qualcomm, Quarterdeck, Qwest,
R RealNetworks, RedCreek, Ricochet,
S SAS, Seagate, Security Dynamics, SGI, SoftBank, S-Plus, Stanford Bookstore, StarNine, Storage Technology, Sun,
T Tektronix, TeleAdapt, Telamon, Telex, TGV, Tivoli, Toshiba, Transarc, Trend Micro, TryAndBuy,
U Uni-REXX, Uni-Xedit, USRobotocs,
V Verisign,
W WAIS, Wavespan, WebSTAR, WEB Techniques, White Pine, WinterLAN, Williams Communications, Wiltel, Wollongong, Workstation Group,
X Xircom,
0-9 3Com.

This page was originally compiled by Joan Winters in February 1994, starting from information in SLAC's Information Grab Bag and Network Reference Information.
* Reference herein to any specific commercial products, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by SLAC, Stanford University or the United States Government. The views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of SLAC, Stanford University or the United States Government, and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes.

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