Small Business Innovation Research Grants For 1999



DOE is again inviting small businesses to submit proposals for projects to be funded under its FY 99 SBIR program. SLAC staff members who are interested in technology transfer projects that could benefit both the laboratory and an industrial partner should read the solicitation on the WWW at and contact the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) for assistance in following the SLAC procedure for teaming with industry on cooperative projects and for advice on helping the industrial partner to submit a proposal.

Some SBIR proposals involve no SLAC commitment and therefore do not fall under the approval requirements of the procedure, but nevertheless receive SLAC technical endorsement, explicitly refer to SLAC, or are of clear interest to SLAC. SLAC staff members who become aware of such proposals should notify their management and OTT for tracking purposes

The DOE SBIR funds are generated by an assessment on all DOE programs including the ones funding SLAC. It is clearly to SLAC’s benefit, and we have been urged by DOE, to participate in the SBIR program through cooperative projects. Proposals involving SLAC have been successful in previous years, and some have brought funds into the laboratory in addition to subsidizing technology development that is beneficial both to the industrial partner and to SLAC.

The SBIR program awards the small business a 6-month Phase I grant of up to $100,000, followed by a Phase II grant in FY 00 of up to $750,000, if justified by the Phase I results. Commercialization by the small business follows. The DOE proposal deadline is March 2, 1999, but OTT must receive essentially complete proposals (including SLAC budgets) by February 1, 1999, to ensure adequate review. Call SLAC’s OTT (X-8604) if you need more information.

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