Director-Designate Jonathan Dorfan

Jonathan Dorfan Named New SLAC Director

"I'm thrilled at the opportunity to be director of this great scientific enterprise," said Jonathan Dorfan, in accepting the offer to be SLAC's third director, following in the footsteps of well-known and highly respected leaders like Burton Richter and Wolfgang Panofsky.

Dorfan, 51, will take over the post in September but will have a busy time during the transition. In addition to learning the job at home, Dorfan will be making several trips to Washington to meet members of Congress and their staffs.

However, much of the job will be familiar since Dorfan has been at SLAC since 1976 as a research associate, moving swiftly up the ranks to his current position as Associate Director of the Laboratory. Since 1994, Dorfan's considerable energies have been involved in the construction of the asymmetric B Factory, PEP-II, a three lab collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Lab,
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and SLAC. With successful collisions accomplished, the next step is the installation and commissioning of the BaBar detector, which should take place in April.

Dorfan speaks at the B Factory Dediation
October 26, 1998 B Factory Dedication Ceremony
(l-r) PEP-II Project Director Jonathan Dorfan, U.S. Representative Anna Eshoo, U.S. Representative Zoe Lofgren, LLNL Director Bruce Tarter, LBNL Director Charles Shank, Director of Office of Science Martha Krebs.

Continuity was a theme mentioned by Stanford University President Gerhard Casper and Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson, since SLAC and the DOE have been research partners for more than 30 years. "The leadership from Stanford has always been of the highest caliber," said Richardson, in praise of the Dorfan selection. Casper remarked that "Jonathan not only is far-sighted about physics" but also sees the benefit for SLAC and Stanford faculty in many fields of science. These remarks have added salience since the Department of Energy and Stanford University just renegotiated a five-year contract for the University to manage the lab.

"The future of SLAC is bright," said incoming director Dorfan. 

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SLAC's Jonathan Dorfan and LBNL's Pier Oddone pose in the PEP-II tunnel of the B Factory.

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