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January Auditorium facilities renovation
February Stanford Parents' Weekend Lab Tours
June Stanford University Commencement Tours and the SLAC Blood Drive
Upcoming Events Lepton Photon Symposium (9-14 August)
Dorfan Becomes Lab Director (1 September)

The Public Affairs Office staff serve the information needs of the general public regarding the scientific endeavors of the laboratory. For general information or to schedule a lab tour, please contact the Public Affairs staff by calling 650/926-2204.

For a general introduction to the Laboratory, see the SLAC Welcome page. See the Highlighted or Detailed Home pages for working information about the laboratory and current projects. Search the SLAC Web sites or use the Phonebook to locate staff members. Some sites are designated internal (SLAC-Only) information.

Contact Information:

Public Affairs Office
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Mail Stop 70, P. O. Box 4349
Stanford, CA 94309
Telephone: 650/926-2204
Fax Number: 650/926-5379

* Tours
Laboratory Tour Program, Speakers Bureau, Staff-Hosted Visits, Tour Guide Book, and Visitor Center

* Events
Ambassador to the Community Program, Blood Drives, Event Calendar, and Seminars.

* Conference and Meeting Support
Conference Management, Facilities Use, Meeting Rooms, and Maps.

* Multimedia Communications
Audio-Visual Services, Satellite Communications, and Video Teleconference Support.

* SLAC Information
Organization, e.g., the Director's Office, Education Programs, and Technical Publications.

* Other Sites of Interest
APS What's New, DOE, Experiments Online, Microworlds, and The Particle Adventure.


4 January 1999

Nina Stolar