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07 Jan 1999


Single field search -- Enter the family (last) name or the E-mail ID field a and press return on your keyboard. These field supports wild-card searches (such as john* for johnson, johnston....).

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These forms access a SLAC phone directory database. Included in the data are both people who work at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and "non-people", such as FAX machines, gates, rooms, etc.

SLAC users may find it useful to print the SLAC phone directory (see ** below). For more information about SLAC's telephone system, including ATOMs, see the Telephone Users' Guide.

If you find incorrect or incomplete information in the database, contact the ATOM or Group Secretary for that person or location. If the listed ATOM is no longer current, contact Rose Rafael. If the person does not have an ATOM or you cannot determine one, contact Barbara Johnson (see ++ below).

Name Dialing

Excerpt from the SLAC Telephone Users’ Guide.

Telephone users may dial by name or by extension when calling persons at SLAC. To use name dialing, dial extension 8777 from inside SLAC or 1-(650)-926-8777 from outside SLAC. Then spell the last name, followed by first name, using the tone keypad on your phone. No blank or punctuation is needed between names. For 'Q,' press 7. For 'Z,' press 9. The system will tell you as soon as it finds a unique match or will provide a list of all the possible matches it finds and let you select the one you want.

To ensure that people can reach you as quickly as possible, please test your entry in the name dialing directory. Report any misspelled names using the form on the Web page at URL

Field Explanations

Family Name
Also known as the last name or surname. (See usage suggestions below.)
First Name
Also known as given name. (See usage suggestions below.)
E-Mail ID
This can be either the fully qualified e-mail ID for a person ( or the "username" portion of an e-mail ID (mcdunn).
SLAC Extension
The last 4 digits of the SLAC telephone number. If you are searching for a phone number with the format 926-xxxx, enter only the "xxxx" portion.

Usage Suggestions

All fields except "SLAC extension" allow a wild-card search with an asterisk (*) if you know the first one or more letters of a name. For instance, if you know you want to find someone whose last name is either "Johnson" or "Johnston", you can enter the value john*, and get a list of all people with either name (and any other surnames that start with "John").

FAX machines, gates, conference rooms, and other "non-people" may be located by using the family name field. For example, if you are looking for an SCS FAX machine, enter "scs fax" in family name. To see all the FAXes at SLAC, enter "fax". The same rules for wild-card searching hold true for "non-people" as for people.


Access to this link is restricted to users on SLAC computers.


In Barbara's absence, you may send email to Tineke Graafland.

All Records

Use this form to search the entire people database, not just those who are "active" at SLAC.

Multiple field search -- Enter information into any combination of fields and select Submit.
Family name:      First name: 
  E-mail ID:  SLAC Extension: 

07 Jan 1999