Research Division

18 November 1998

Research Division Office

Associate Director: David Leith
Assistant Directors: Steve Williams and Richard Mount
Administrative Services Manager: Tanya Boysen
Administrative Associates: Marilyn Mantle and Joan Mattison
Safety Officers: Frank O'Neill and Sandy Pierson

Research Division Groups and Group Leaders

Group A: Charles Prescott
Group B: Blair Ratcliff
Group C: Vera Luth
Group E: Martin Perl and Rafe Schindler
Group K: Elliott Bloom
Theory Group: Stan Brodsky
Babar Group: David Hitlin
SLD Group: Marty Breidenbach
Physical Electronics Laboratory: Ed Garwin
Experimental Facilities Department: Steve Williams
Technical Information Services Pat Kreitz
SLAC Computation Services: Richard Mount
Computation Research Group: Jerry Friedman

Research Division Programs

Particle Physics Experiments: BABAR, BES, E143, E144, E154, E158, mQ, SLD.
HEP User Organization: SLUO
Research Associate Positions Available

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