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The SLAC User Organization exists:

Individual membership is open to all scientists and engineers involved in research at SLAC.

SLUO has an Executive Committee of twelve users and SLAC collaborators. Members are nominated by Institutional Representatives at the Annual Meeting, and voted on by the full SLUO membership. The Minutes of the Executive Committee are available on the Web. More details regarding the Organization are available in the charter. The current Chairman of the Executive Committee is Ray Frey.

Detector Techniques Lectures Sponsored by SLUO

Jerry Va'vra (SLAC) has organized a "Detector Techniques" lecture series covering both the theoretical concepts and practical aspects of detectors used in high energy physics. This is a special opportunity to learn about the "tools of the trade," especially for students and younger physicists.

Jerry Va'vra has enlisted 12 other experts in the field: Helmut Marsiske, Blair Ratcliff, Leon Rochester (SLAC); John Kadyk, Dave Nygren, and Helmuth Spieler (LBNL); Jim Brau (Oregon); Blas Cabrera (Stanford); Chris Damerell (Rutherford); Sherwood Parker (Hawaii); and Hartmut Sadrozinski (UCSC).

Lectures will be Fridays at 11:00 AM in the SLAC Auditorium, with a few exceptions. The schedule is available at

Copies of talks from the previous lecture series on Accelerator Physics, CP Violation and B Physics, and Supersymmetry are available in the SLUO office.

SLUO Information Sheet

You can now fill out the SLUO Information Sheet via the Web.

SLAC Dosimeters and Badges

All SLAC Users should satisfy the General Employee Radiation Training (GERT) and Environment, Safety and Health (EOESH) training requirements. You need a dosimeter to go into the experimental areas. Training must be renewed every 24 months. Dosimeters are available at the SLUO Office each January (they expire annually).

For Users to be in compliance with SLAC policy on dosimeters and picture badges, we are requesting that you do the following:

Please leave your dosimeter at SLUO Office before returning to your home institution. You can pick it up again when you return to SLAC. If your badge expires while you are away, it will be turned in to be read out by Health Physics. If your training is current, your new badge will be ready at the SLUO Office when you return. If your training is not current, you will have to take the challenge exams or the GERT/EOESH classes.

Meet the SLUO Coordinator

Ree Dufresne

The SLUO coordinator is Ree Dufresne. All new SLAC users must register with her, and be entered into the SLUO user database. She may be reached:

Plan Ahead for Housing!

The strong economy in Silicon Valley has caused an increase in housing costs and a decrease in availability throughout the area surrounding SLAC. Rental vacancy rates are below 2%, and hotels also have high occupancy rates. Advance reservations are very important if you are planning a visit to SLAC.

For extended visits to SLAC, it is crucial that you contact the SLAC Housing Office as soon as you know the dates of your visit. They can provide you with assistance in finding a room in a private home, an apartment, or a house to rent. If you are bringing your family, if you smoke, have pets, or if you need to be within walking or biking distance of SLAC, it is even more important to start planning early.

Rates for some types of housing in the Palo Alto / Menlo Park area are summarized below:

Short Term

Motel room*


Room in private home
with kitchen privileges


Long Term

  Furnished Unfurnished
Room in private home
with kitchen privileges
$500-700/month .
Studio apartment $850-$1500/month $950-$1600/month
1 bedroom / 1 bath apartment $1100-$1800/month $1350-$2000/month
2 bedroom / 1 bath apartment $1400-$2250/month $1650-$3000/month
3 bedroom house $2000-$3500/month $2500-$4500/month

Note: all rates are subject to availability.

To rent a house or apartment, a deposit equivalent to 3 months rent (for first month, last month, and security deposit) is generally required. This deposit should be in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank, cash, or travellers checks. Credit cards will generally not be accepted.

There is some possibility that the Housing Offfice could arrange for weekly dormitory-style housing on the Stanford campus during the summer months; however, availability is low and reservations need to be made far in advance.

To contact the Housing Office, send e-mail to, or phone (650) 926-4132.
Ute Hayes and her staff will be happy to assist you.

Temporary Vehicle Stickers Available

Temporary vehicle stickers are now available from the Badging Office, in Trailer 206-C.
This will avoid having to show your SLAC ID to the front gate guard on evenings and weekends.

User Information

Finding SLAC and places at SLAC

Insurance issues

Airline information

Airport information

Surface transportation

Hotels and motels


Newspapers (and classified advertisement sections)

Required SLAC Training (to get SLAC ID cards and dosimeters)



Past SLUO Events

The 1998 SLUO Annual Meeting was held on July 15. SLUO organized a Community Forum at the HEPAP Subpanel Meetings at SLAC in June 1997. The theme of the 1997 SLUO Annual Meeting (held at SLAC on Wednesday May 14, 1997) was SLAC and the Future of High Energy Physics. The theme of the 1996 SLUO Annual Meeting was New Ideas for SLAC beyond 2000.

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