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Jeff Howard’s Quests

by nick @ 6:26 am

Quests by Jeff Howard Many of you will be interested to know that Jeff Howard’s book Quests: Design, Theory, and History in Games and Narratives is now out from A K Peters. Jeff’s dissertation was discussed on here, and he sent us a writeup of an ACM symposium. The book is a very nice contribution which I read shortly before publication. Here’s the endorsement of it that I wrote:

Jeff Howard’s Quests is an incisive and highly accessible book that leads the reader on an exploration of literature, computer games, and a connection between them. Howard includes valuable tutorials and exercises which draw on literary works, including Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, while also dealing with the specifics of how to use tools to create computer RPG modules. The book offers useful discussion of the history of adventure games and detailed analysis of quest elements using concepts from narrative theory, poetics, game studies, and other fields. Quests equips students and scholars as they journey onward to read, play, and fashion games and narratives.

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  1. noah Says:

    You beat me to the punch!

    I’m at GDC and dropped by the A K Peters booth. Kevin Jackson-Mead, the editor for Quests, was only about a sentence into describing it before I realized what it was and knew I had to buy it. I also picked up another book about which I’ll post soon.

    In other news, it’s worth noting that Kevin has recently started blogging with some other interesting folks.

  2. Dennis G. Jerz Says:

    Thanks for the word.. I just ordered a copy.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Thank you to Nick for posting this and to Noah and Dennis for taking an interest in my book. It’s also very good to see Kevin Jackson-Mead blogging, because he is a very perceptive and helpful person.

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