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Balancing Act: Public Employees and Free Speech is a First Report by David L. Hudson Jr. on public employees' free-speech rights.

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9th Circuit: College has right to keep 'political neutrality'

By David L. Hudson Jr. Panel finds professor’s assembly rights are trumped by Clark College’s interest in not appearing to endorse WTO protests. 04.25.05

Omaha cop fired over article will get his job back
Officer drops federal lawsuit, apologizes for searing tone of his accusations against officials in his article in union newspaper. 04.30.05

Teacher attire becoming touchy topic
In some districts, teachers can get dressed down for dressing down, wearing T-shirts, see-through blouses, flip-flops and other dubious apparel. 07.05.05

Judge rules city violated policeman's free speech
Officer who placed 'Veterans Against John Kerry' sign in his truck was told to remove it. 09.19.05

3rd Circuit backs whistle-blowing doctor
Three-judge panel finds David Springer's free-speech rights were violated when he lost his job at Delaware Psychiatric Center after detailing problems there. 01.19.06

2nd Circuit: Conn. city can force police to cover tattoos
Attorney says courts are being unfair to police officers who claim First Amendment right to display spider-web image. 02.02.06

Muslim jail chaplain keeps NYC job after outburst
But Mayor Bloomberg temporarily suspends imam who denounced 'Zionists of the media,' said White House harbored terrorists. 03.17.06

State employee suspended for posting 'bad jokes' about Va. town
While at work, Will Vehrs contributed to contest on conservative blog, in which bloggers write their own captions for various photos. 05.11.06

Jury finds Del. state troopers were victims of retaliation
Three officers who had spoken out about problems at state police firing range win nearly $2 million in damages. 06.01.06

Del. troopers' $2 million retaliation victory thrown out
Federal judge finds jury verdict could not stand in light of U.S. Supreme Court's recent public-employee ruling in Garcetti v. Ceballos. 08.15.06

Tribal employee's speech wasn't matter of public concern
South Dakota Supreme Court rejects First Amendment claim by woman fired after she complained that she didn't get political appointment. 12.01.06

Judge overturns demotion of Pa. police commander
First Amendment, state whistleblower law likely protect Cmdr. Catherine McNeilly, who raised concerns about Pittsburgh mayoral appointee. 01.16.07

Calif. city ordinance violates employees' free-speech rights
Federal judge rules Victorville can't bar firefighters, others from talking in private with council members about work-related grievances. 03.09.07

Garcetti strikes again: Ill. officer loses retaliation suit
By David L. Hudson Jr. 7th Circuit rejects police investigator's First Amendment claim, ruling he spoke more as employee than as citizen when he made allegations of possible corruption. 06.01.07

N.H. high court backs fired city assessor
Justices rule Claremont violated Steven Snelling's rights when it dismissed him in part because of comments he made in newspaper article. 07.23.07

Cop-video ruling may hurt future speech cases
By Tony Mauro Court's emphasis on 'legitimate news interest' may have subtly weakened protection for other forms of expression. 12.07.04

High court to enter employee-speech debate
By Tony Mauro California case could give justices chance to decide if courts have gone too far in protecting government workers' speech. 03.01.05

Teacher taught Miss. schools a free-speech lesson
By David L. Hudson Jr. Bessie Givhan's 1979 Supreme Court victory still resonates in public employee free-speech cases. 06.08.06

Garcetti's palpable effect on public-employee speech
By David L. Hudson Jr. Supreme Court's ruling successfully invoked as agencies defend against critics from within. 05.29.07

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