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  Va. city council's prayer policy gets backing of 4th Circuit
  Court finds rule barring sectarian blessing doesn't violate councilman's rights because opening prayer is government, not individual, speech.     07.25.08
  11th Circuit: State can't force students to stand for Pledge
  But panel agrees with part of statute that allows parents to have ultimate say over whether their children will take part in daily recitation.     07.24.08
  EEOC offers guidance on religious issues in workplace
  Agency says updated document was released as a result of growing number of allegations of religious discrimination.     07.24.08
  Lawmakers chide attorney general for opposition to shield bill
  Michael Mukasey tells House committee that current laws limiting government's ability to force reporters to reveal sources are adequate.     07.24.08
  Christian college wins appeal in financial-aid dispute
  Federal judge had upheld Colorado's denial of scholarships to school's students, but 10th Circuit panel finds program 'discriminates among religions without constitutional justification.'     07.24.08
  3rd Circuit: COPA violates First Amendment
  Unanimous panel says filtering technologies, other parental control tools offer less restrictive way to protect children from inappropriate content online.     07.23.08
  N.Y. governor signs bill targeting violent video games
  Critics say new law is unconstitutional, too watered down to accomplish its goal and call legislative effort 'moral preening.'     07.23.08
  N. Idaho city to let meeting speakers omit addresses
  Some residents say they fear retribution if they make public comments at City Council meetings.     07.23.08
  Rosenberg testimony on verge of public release
  Federal judge signals he will order disclosure of most transcripts in notorious spy case, but says testimony of Ethel Rosenberg's brother, two other witnesses will remain sealed.     07.23.08
  N.Y. threatens Comcast if it doesn't block access to child porn
  Attorney general's office says agreement cable industry signed is weak when it comes to eliminating newsgroups — where illegal images can proliferate.     07.22.08
  N.C. judge dismisses records suit against state treasurer
  State employees association accused Richard Moore of failing to comply fully with requests for information about pension funds.     07.22.08
  Texas education officials give final OK to Bible classes
  Critics say board's vote doesn't provide specific guidelines to help teachers, school districts avoid First Amendment clash over religious freedom.     07.22.08
  New York Times defends not running McCain's Iraq op-ed
  Newspaper says it can't accept GOP candidate's article unless it includes 'clear plan for achieving victory — with troops levels, timetables and measures for compelling the Iraqis to cooperate.'     07.22.08

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