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Graduation prayer a tricky issue, but consider this approach
By Charles C. Haynes Best place for prayers, sermons on graduation weekend is at privately sponsored, voluntarily attended baccalaureate service held after school hours.   05.25.03

Old World would be wise to look to New when drafting constitution
By Charles C. Haynes While an 'American solution' is probably the last thing many Europeans want to hear, U.S. has some insight on issue of God and government.   05.11.03

Schools should promote religious freedom, not Christian crusade
By Charles C. Haynes When evangelicals are in the overwhelming majority, they need to remember what it’s like to be in the minority and apply the Golden Rule.   04.27.03

Let's not teach that patriotism, dissent are mutually exclusive
By Charles C. Haynes Growing number of schools recognize that patriotism can't be instilled by insisting on conformity — it requires commitment to American principles of liberty and justice.   04.13.03

To export religious-liberty values, let's practice them at home
By Charles Haynes Modeling these principles will be an important step in reversing the dim view of American aims in the Middle East.   03.30.03

War on terror mustn't be waged at Constitution's expense
By Charles C. Haynes Leaked provisions of Domestic Security Enhancement Act show that new effort to battle terrorism could end up stifling dissent.   03.16.03

Schools must give kids tools for informed debate on Iraq
By Charles C. Haynes Where else will students get the history, civic knowledge, civic virtues needed to seriously engage questions of war and peace?   03.02.03

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