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Milkovich v. Lorain Journal Co. (doc. #: 89-645) (1990)  [Findlaw]

Secondary Link Milkovich v. Lorain Journal Co.  [Legal Information Institute]
Argument Date 04/24/1990
Decided 05-21-1990
Supreme Court Vote 7-2
Supreme Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied
IssueWhether the First Amendment requires a separate "opinion" privilege that restricts the application of state libel laws.
Case Summary & Additional Resources
Majority Opinion Rehnquist, C.J.
Dissenting Opinion Brennan, J. (joined by Marshall, J.)
Lower Court District Court for the District of Columbia (3-judge court)
Lower Court Ruling First Amendment claim sustained
For Petitioner
Brent L. English

For Respondent
Richard D. Panza

For Amicus
For Dow Jones & Co: Robert D. Sack, Richard J. Tofel, Richard M. Schmidt, Jr., et al.

For the ACLU: Henry R. Kaufman

For the Ohio Newspaper Association: Louis A. Colombo & David L. Marburger
Opinion - Lower Court
Milkovich v. News-Herald, 46 Ohio App. 3d 20, 545 N.E.2d 1320 (1989).
Carter, T. Barton, Dee, Juliet L. & Zuckman, Harvey L., MASS COMMUNICATIONS LAW (2000), pp. 102-104
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Note, "Eight Years After Milkovich: Applying A Constitutional Privilege for Opinions Under the Wrong Constitution," 31 Indiana Law Review 1101 (1998)
Sack, Robert D., SACK ON DEFMATION: LIBEL, SLANDER & RELATED PROBLEMS (3rd ed., 2001), vol. I, sects. 4-13 - 4-22
Shapo, Marshall, "Editorial: Fact/Opinion = Evidence/Argument," 91 Northwestern University Law Review 1108 (1997)
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Thomas, "A Pragmatic Approach to the Meaning of Defamation Law," 34 Wake Forest Law Review 333 (1999)
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