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Look for ’08 to be year of broadcast-regulation battles
By Gene Policinski Looming showdown likely will redefine what government can regulate regarding what we see and hear, not just on television but also in new media.   12.30.07

On its birthday and every day, First Amendment matters
By Gene Policinski If any one element of the First Amendment is likely to dominate public attention in 2008, it’s the first 16 words.   12.15.07

We saw it then, we see it now: how free press can protect us
By Gene Policinski Two cases — spanning more than 50 years — illustrate news media’s important role as government watchdog.   12.02.07

Parade sponsors may refuse marchers with opposing views
By Gene Policinski Sorting out who gets to assemble with whom depends a lot on who is assembling and whether gathering is public, according to the courts.   11.18.07

Government meddling with press crosses the line
By Gene Policinski Compelling a TV journalist to produce a public-service report as punishment for breaching a court order disregards the First Amendment.   11.04.07

Panel illuminates post-9/11 threats to press freedom
By Gene Policinski American University broadcast program offers good insights into government efforts to block news about some national-security topics.   10.30.07

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