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About that word ‘abridging’ in the First Amendment …
By Ronald K.L. Collins Where did the Founders come up with that word, and why?   05.01.08

Here’s hoping 45 words stand tall in hearts, minds
By Ron Collins Newseum brings First Amendment into focus for politicos, public.
  • Grand opening   04.11.08

    FCC's puritanical actions should be reined in
    By Ronald K.L. Collins Broadcast-regulation agency justifies censorship of indecency in the name of enforcing 'community standards,' but how those are determined is anyone’s guess.   04.08.08

    New e-book may 'kindle' fires of regulation — or of freedom
    By Ronald K.L. Collins Because Jeff Bezos' invention uses continuous wireless connectivity, it could become target of regulators seeking to restrict transmission of objectionable books over 'public airwaves.'   01.15.08

    Justice Thomas’ First Amendment case record
    By Ronald K.L. Collins and Alyssa Work Lists, tables showing Justice Clarence Thomas's record on First Amendment cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.   10.08.07

    Freud, the FCC & the doctrine of respondeat superior
    By Ronald K.L. Collins CBS argues before 3rd Circuit that Janet Jackson's breast-baring at 2004 Super Bowl was not only unintentional, but FCC was also way out of bounds in imposing a $550,000 fine.   09.21.07

    When free speech struggles against fear
    By Ronald K.L. Collins Two new books, on free-speech heroes and on J. Edgar Hoover, show workings of censorship and how 'security' too often trumps liberty.   05.21.07

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