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Who is 'the press'?
Does 'freedom of the press' mean the news media can say or write anything they want?
If a newsgatherer is jailed for refusing to turn over subpoenaed information, how and when is he or she released?
The reporters and editors at my local newspaper are highly biased. Is there a federal regulator who should know about this?
Why is the status of a plaintiff so important in defamation law?
What is a retraction statute?
Is truth a defense in libel lawsuits?
When can an individual sue for public disclosure of private facts?
What types of conduct by the news media can lead to intrusion claims?
What is prior restraint?
Does the protection against prior restraint protect only the news media?
What types of restraints on speech do individuals face?
If my employer tells me I can’t say certain things or discuss certain matters, isn’t that prior restraint?
How does the FCC define 'indecent' speech?
Have there been attempts to apply 'equal time' rules to newspapers?
Do television networks have access to courtroom trials?
What campaign-finance rules apply to broadcasters?
How can I find out if my state has a shield law or recognizes a newsgatherer’s privilege?
How have the circuit courts viewed the question of reporters’ privilege?
How common are gag orders?
How can I find out the extent to which my state allows cameras in the courtroom?
Don’t courts unfairly discriminate against television stations when they allow print reporters to use the tools of their trade but deny television reporters that same right?
Given that trials are presumed to be open, does the public have a First Amendment right to hear the discussions among the judge, the lawyers and the parties in sidebar conferences or in the judge’s chambers?
Are there dangers in using anonymous juries?
Why would any state want to include protections for press freedom in its constitution? Doesn’t the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution cover that?
How does criminal libel differ from civil libel?
Didn’t New York Times Co. v. Sullivan eliminate the basis for criminal-libel suits?
When are media 'ride-alongs' with police allowed?
What rights do journalists have at accident or disaster scenes?
What is HIPAA?
Does HIPAA mean journalists can’t report on individuals’ medical conditions?
What if a reporter learns health-related information from a source not associated with an agency?
If a crime or emergency occurs on the grounds of a medical facility, does HIPAA trump the news media’s right to access the location while emergency responders are in charge of the scene?
Do court transcripts fall under FOI? Can they be withheld from litigants?
Are states making court records available electronically for the public?
What is a blog?
Does blogging raise First Amendment issues?
Can public employees be disciplined for the content of their blogs?
Can a newspaper refuse to run a letter or advertisement?
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