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Court overturns reporters' contempt charges, but rulings are nothing to cheer about
In North Carolina contempt cases, 4th Circuit pays lip service to constitutional right to gather news but ultimately ducks critical issue.   07.20.00

Oklahoma court makes dubious assumptions about cameras in court
By Douglas Lee Decision sends disturbing message to trial court judges across country by assuming that televised coverage will taint jury pool, interfere with fair trial.   06.29.00

Telemarketers battle static from federal regulators
By Douglas Lee Congress again takes aim at unpopular industry that is already overburdened.   06.27.00

Dramatic events surrounding fight for Elián highlight the First Amendment in action
By Douglas Lee Freedoms of assembly, speech and the press underscore how different the United States really is from Cuba.   04.24.00

It was bad enough when only lawyers were censored in Illinois
By Douglas Lee Prosecutors, police are overreacting to new state Supreme Court rules by cutting off press, public access to police blotters, other basic information.   03.31.00

Moot Court competitors to tackle issue of violent video games
By Douglas Lee Forty-two teams will argue whether the First Amendment protects game-maker from liability when a student, inspired by the game, shoots his teacher.   03.16.00

We have nothing to fear except a fearful government
By Douglas Lee Anxiety motivates public officials to clamp down on citizens' First Amendment rights.   03.08.00

State chief justice sides with majority, but gives map to news media for next time
By Douglas Lee In her concurring opinion, Wisconsin's Shirley S. Abrahamson lays out plan for trial court judges to follow to ensure public, press access to pre-trial discovery materials.   03.02.00

Illinois high court deals crippling blow to journalistic privilege
By Douglas Lee While Pawlaczyk will not apply in every case, it gives state's prosecutors frightening new weapon in their increasing efforts to obtain reporters' testimony.   02.11.00

Judges don't do justice any favors by keeping cameras out of courtroom
By Douglas Lee In separate cases that command attention, New York judge opts to allow public to access trial through televised coverage while California court bars cameras.   02.03.00

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