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Ruling against expression is no music to inmates’ ears
By David L. Hudson Jr. 3rd Circuit defers to Pennsylvania prison officials's claims that allowing inmates to play in independent bands posed security risk.   07.23.08

Commemorating landmark free-association victory
By David L. Hudson Jr. Fifty years ago today in NAACP v. Alabama, high court issued ruling that proved vital to civil rights movement and First Amendment jurisprudence.   06.30.08

States move to add nooses to list of outlawed symbols
By David L. Hudson Jr. Lawmakers look to cross-burning statutes, make sure new measures bar only displays with 'intent to intimidate.'   06.28.08

7th Circuit: High court ruling chills protections for ex-cop's speech
By David L. Hudson Jr. Appeals court's decision to reverse jury's verdict shows reach of Garcetti.   06.25.08