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Alito has experience in public-employee speech cases
By Tony Mauro Both sides in Garcetti v. Ceballos will study what new justice wrote in 1992 3rd Circuit ruling — which offers glimmer of hope for free-speech advocates.   02.21.06

Alito to have 1 shot at influencing First Amendment this term
By Tony Mauro But that opportunity will be important one as high court looks at campaign-finance cases.   02.13.06

Justice Alito's orientation begins
If justices deadlock on cases already heard, Alito may have to break the tie.   02.01.06

Alito confirmed, sworn in as justice
Highly partisan 58-42 vote caps fierce battle over Court's future.   01.31.06

Judiciary Committee sends Alito nomination to full Senate
Panel votes along party lines, with all 10 Republicans endorsing 3rd Circuit judge for high court and all eight Democrats voting against him.   01.24.06

Alito well-versed in First Amendment
By Tony Mauro But nominee noncommittal about what he would do as justice who gets to make precedent, not just obey it.   01.17.06

Religion clauses protect nonbelief, Alito testifies
Graduation prayer, religious-school funding also raised before hearings end.   01.13.06

Alito endorses free speech in public square
Nominee also discusses differences between commercial, political speech.   01.12.06

Alito on the First Amendment: excerpts from hearings
Partial transcript of proceedings in Samuel Alito's confirmation hearings before Senate Judiciary Committee.   01.12.06

Alito discusses religious liberties
Nominee also expresses support for cameras in court, though he says high court presents a 'different issue.'   01.11.06

Alito calls online-porn issue 'difficult'
High court nominee also pressed on privacy, abortion, executive powers, court precedent.   01.10.06

Confirmation hearings begin for Alito
'A judge can't have any agenda,' nominee tells Judiciary Committee in opening statement.   01.09.06

Alito hearings scheduled for Jan. 9
If confirmed, judge could alter Supreme Court's direction on religious-liberty questions.   01.06.06

Judge Alito & the new First Amendment defenders
By Ronald K.L. Collins It used to be that the judges who championed free expression were liberals — but with increasing frequency, that cause is embraced more by conservative jurists.   11.21.05

Judge Samuel Alito & the First Amendment: an Online Symposium
News release First Amendment Center Web site offers expert analyses of Supreme Court nominee’s written court opinions, plus case guide.   11.14.05

Alito is religion-friendly, but how far will he go?
By Charles C. Haynes Nominee hasn't ruled in all areas of religious-freedom jurisprudence, but from what we know, he has consistently defended religious speech, practice.   11.13.05

Alito & First Amendment protection for sexual expression
By Robert Corn-Revere Nominee's 3rd Circuit record on sexually oriented speech provides scant clues to how he might vote on high court, but some of his court writings hint at O'Connor-like views.   11.10.05

Samuel Alito's dissents and concurrences
List of cases in which Judge Samuel Alito wrote dissenting or concurring opinions.   11.10.05

Alito & the law of defamation
By Gayle Sproul Nominee's opinion in Tucker case suggests close adherence to established defamation jurisprudence.   11.09.05

Nominee's opinions reveal respect for student speech
By Mark Goodman Several decisions Judge Samuel Alito has authored indicate belief that young Americans are entitled to meaningful First Amendment protections.   11.09.05

Alito has history of rejecting prisoner First Amendment claims
By David L. Hudson Jr. In case after case, Supreme Court nominee has sided with prison officials.   11.08.05

Alito repudiated speech code
By Robert M. O’Neil A look at 3rd Circuit ruling authored by Alito that struck down Pennsylvania school district's ban on harassing speech.   11.08.05

More Alito links
Links to other information about Judge Samuel Alito.   11.08.05

Alito as judge: Paid speech is also free speech
By Bruce E.H. Johnson Court nominee's opinion in Pitt News case examines interplay between commercial speech, press freedoms.   11.07.05

Samuel Alito's per curiam opinions
List of cases in which Judge Samuel Alito participated in per curiam opinions.   11.07.05

Alito as government lawyer: '84 broadcast-regulation case
By Ronald K.L. Collins Does Court nominee believe today that publicly funded stations shouldn't editorialize?   11.03.05

Bush nominates Samuel Alito for high court
Judicial conservatives say 3rd Circuit judge is powerful voice for First Amendment's guarantees of free speech, free exercise of religion.   10.31.05

Judge Alito fairly strong on free expression
By Ron Collins, David Hudson Nominee's opinions show receptivity to First Amendment concerns.   10.31.05

Samuel Alito's majority First Amendment opinions
List of cases in which Judge Samuel Alito wrote the majority opinion.   10.31.05

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