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Cornelius v. NAACP Legal Defense & Ed. Fund, Inc. (docket #: 84-312) (1985)  [Findlaw]

Secondary Link Cornelius v. NAACP Legal Defense & Ed. Fund, Inc.  [Legal Information Institute]
Argument Date 02/19/1985
Decided 7/2/1985
Supreme Court Vote 4-3
Supreme Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied
IssueWhether federal exclusion of legal defense and political advocacy organizations from participation in a charity drive aimed at federal employees violates the First Amendment
Majority Opinion O'Connor, J. (Marshall, J., & Powell, J. not participating)
Dissenting Opinion Blackmun, J., (joined by Brennan, J.) & Stevens, J.
Lower Court DC Circuit
Lower Court Ruling First Amendment claim upheld
Oral Arguments Audio (Oyez)  [Oyez]
For Petitioner
Solicitor General Rex Lee

For Respondent
Charles Stephen Ralston

For Amicus
Dara Klassel, Eve W. Paul and Roger K. Evans for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.

David C. Vladeck, Alan B. Morrison, John Cary Sims and Adam Yarmolinsky for the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, Independent Sector (for respondent)

E. Richard Larson, Burt Neuborne, Joseph M. Hassett and Patricia A. Brannan for the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (for respondent)

Joseph B. Scott and Michael J. Kator for the United Black Fund of America et al. (for petitioner)

Robert Abrams, Attorney General, et al. for the State of New York (for respondent)

Samuel Rabinove and Richard T. Foltin for the American Jewish Committee et al. (for respondent)

Ruling - Lower Court
234 U.S.App.D.C. 148, 727 F.2d 1247 (1984)
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