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Clay v. United States (docket #: 783) (1971)  [Findlaw]

Argument Date 04/19/1971
Decided 06/28/1971
Supreme Court Vote 8-0
Note Justice Marshall took on part in the consideration or decision of this case.
Supreme Court Ruling Free Exercise claim upheld; Petitioner’s conviction for failure to appear at induction for the Armed Forces should be overturned since the Appeal Board gave no reason for the denial of conscientious objector exemption.
IssueThe validity of Petitioner’s Armed Forces’ induction notice, which was grounded upon an erroneous denial of the petitioner’s claim to classified as a conscientious objector.
Majority Opinion per curiam
Concurring Opinion per Harlan, J.; Douglas, J.
Lower Court 5th Circuit
Lower Court Ruling Free Exercise claim denied.
Oral Arguments audio record  [Oyez]
For Petitioner
Chauncey Eskridge

For Respondent
Solicitor General Griswold

Opinion - Lower Court
Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. v. United States, 397 F.2d 90 (C.A. Tex. 1968)
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