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Heffron v. International Society for Krishna Consciousness ( docket #: 80-795) (1981)  [Findlaw]

Secondary Link Heffron v. International Society for Krishna Consciousness  [Legal Information Institute]
Argument Date 04/20/1981
Decided 06/22/1981
Supreme Court Vote 5-4
Supreme Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied.
IssueWhether a state, consistent with the First and Fourteenth Amendments, may confine religious organizations wishing to sell and distribute religious literature at a state fair to an assigned location within the fairgrounds.
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Majority Opinion White, J. (joined by Burger, C.J., Stewart, J., Powell, J., and Rehnquist, J.
Dissenting Opinion Brennan, J. (concurring in part and dissenting in part; joined by Marshal, J. and Stevens, J.) & Blackmun, J. (concurring in part and dissenting in part)
Lower Court Minnesota Supreme Court
Lower Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied.
Oral Arguments Oral Arguments  [Oyez]
For Petitioner
Kent G. Harbison

For Respondent
Lawrence H. Tribe

Opinion - Lower Court
International Society for Krishna Consciousness Inc., v. Heffron, 299 N.W.2d 79 (Minn. 1980)
"Justices Decode States Can Limit Religious Soliciting," New York Times, June 23, 1981, sect. A, p. 15
"Justices to Rule on Krishna Fund Soliciting," Los Angeles Times, January 20, 1981, sect. B, p. 15
"Hare Krishnas’ ritual annoyance," Chicago Tribune, June 30, 1981, p. 19
"Krishnas, Moonies, and the State," New York Times, July 10, 1981, sect. A, p. 22
"Noise And Other Nuisances," Washington Post, June 28, 1981, sect. A, p. 1
"The Conflicts of Freedom," Los Angeles Times, June 26, 1981, sect. C, p. 10
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