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Confederate flags in public schools: Teach the controversy
By Charles C. Haynes Though rebel symbol can legally be barred from school in certain circumstances, it's better to engage the issues behind the dispute.   06.06.04

Religious litmus test in Texas: unjust, unconstitutional
By Charles C. Haynes In deciding tax-exempt status for religious groups, government cannot apply theological criteria.   05.30.04

Religion hasn't been 'kicked out' of schools
By Charles C. Haynes In fact, over past decade it has kicked back in — so let's stop unfairly demonizing public schools.   05.23.04

When campus newspapers become lightning rods
By Charles C. Haynes Controversial cartoons, coverage lapses can turn student press into targets of rage at public universities — but administrators must resist temptation to shut papers down.   05.16.04

Accommodating Muslims in public school: where to draw the line?
By Charles C. Haynes If at all possible, no American of any faith should have to choose between following conscience and enjoying benefits of public education.   05.09.04