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Speech Press liberty assembly petition reports
K-12 public school student expression
•Clothing, dress codes & uniforms
•K-12 newspapers & yearbooks
•Underground papers & off-campus speech
•Book censorship
•Hate speech & speech codes
•Pledge of Allegiance in public schools
•Speaking out in school

Free speech on public college campuses
•Hate speech & campus speech codes
•Academic freedom
•Free-speech zones
•Student newspapers & yearbooks
•Student fees & clubs
•Art controversies
•Sexual harassment
•Campus speakers
•FOI on campus
•Fan profanity

Internet & First Amendment
•Indecency online
•Online libel
•Hate speech online
•Virtual child pornography
•Copyright, P2P & Google

Arts & First Amendment
•Violence & media
•Free Speech & Music
•Public funding of controversial art
•Rating & labeling entertainment
•Nudity in art, theater & dance
•Parody & satire
•Comic books
•'Son of Sam' laws
•Libel in fiction

Personal & public expression
•License plates
•Fighting words
•Bumper stickers
•Social dancing
•Political yard signs
•Speaking at public meetings
•Public employee speech
•Fliers & leafleting
•True threats

Adult entertainment
•Pornography & obscenity
•Adult bookstores
•Nude dancing
•Secondary-effects doctrine

Advertising & First Amendment
•Tobacco ads
•News racks
•Gambling ads
•Compelled advertising
•Attorney ads
•FDA labeling

•State flag-protection laws
•Recent flag legislative action

Campaign finance
•Judicial campaign speech
•Online campaign ads

Libraries & First Amendment
•Banned books
•Internet Filters & Public Libraries
•Patriot Act
•Libel & defamation
•Prior restraint
•Gag orders
•Cameras in the courtroom
•Courtroom access
•State constitutions
•Shield laws
•Journalist access
•HIPAA & newsgathering
•Privacy & newsgathering
•Criminal libel

Freedom of Information issues
•Open records
•Open meetings
•National FOI Day
•Post-9/11 info access
•How to file an FOIA request
History of religious liberty

Religious liberty in public life

Establishment clause
•Ten Commandments, other displays & mottos
•Tax exemptions
•Charitable choice/faith-based initiatives
•Legislative prayer

Free-exercise clause
•Workplace religious liberty
•RLUIPA, religious buildings & zoning
•Blue laws
•Prisoners' rights

Religious liberty in public schools
•School prayer
•Religious holidays
•Student religious practices
•Released time
•Teaching about religion
•Pledge of Allegiance & religious liberty in public schools
•Religious clubs
•Public schools & religious communities
•Teachers' religious liberties
•Bible in school
•Distributing religious literature
•Graduation ceremonies
•Evolution & creation
•Curfews, loitering & freedom of association
•Civil rights & First Amendment
•Abortion protests & buffer zones
•Assembly on private property
•Funeral protests

  •SLAPP suits
  •Right to sue

•2007 State of the First Amendment survey
•2006 report
•2005 report
•2004 confidential-sources survey
•2004 report
•2003 report
•2002 report
•2002 Comedy and Freedom of Speech report
•2001 report
•2000 report
•1999 report
•1997 report
•1997 conference report

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