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Phone ringing? Blame Congress, not the courts
By Ken Paulson Judge's ruling on do-not-call list reflects concern that banning some types of calls but not others goes against First Amendment free-speech guarantees.   10.05.03

Free speech may prove costly for corporations
By Ken Paulson Sued for defending its labor practices, Nike agreed to pay hefty settlement to Marc Kasky's activist group — leaving the law unsettled over what companies can and can't say.   09.28.03

Icing free speech: A fan and the First Amendment
By Ken Paulson Sports leagues misguidedly try to stop Mark Weinberg from selling his book criticizing team owner near Chicago Blackhawks' stadium.   09.14.03

Fox vs. Franken: A 'fair and balanced' decision
By Ken Paulson Most disappointing in this case was the eagerness of a news organization to undercut the First Amendment rights of someone with whom it disagreed.   08.31.03

As U.S. tour ends, Dixie Chicks see free-speech risks, rewards
By Ken Paulson Fame doesn’t disqualify celebrities from having a public opinion, but it does raise the stakes.   08.17.03

Time, healing bring renewed perspective on the First Amendment
By Ken Paulson 2003 State of the First Amendment survey finds Americans' support for free speech returning after period of fear amid war against terror.   07.31.03

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