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Freedom of assembly wins at Augusta
By Ken Paulson 11th Circuit decision is a valuable reaffirmation of the power of protest and the right to be heard.   05.02.04

Below par: The PGA and freedom of the press
By Ken Paulson Court rules that golf tour can prevent news media from reporting scores as they happen.   04.18.04

Supreme Court places a premium on privacy
By Ken Paulson Favish ruling reflects shifting legal landscape concerning privacy, access to information.   04.01.04

Jayson Blair scandal reflects the person, not the profession
By Ken Paulson Burning Down My Father’s House discloses journalistic sins of a single reporter, not an industry.   03.21.04

Beyond 'Passion': faith, funding and freedom of religion
By Ken Paulson Though obscured by Mel Gibson's film, Supreme Court's Locke v. Davey ruling was significant — and may have upheld one religious-freedom principle at the expense of another.   03.07.04