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A matter of balance: Secrecy doesn't guarantee security
By Ken Paulson Using the terrorist attacks as justification for this new wave of efforts to close public records would be too easy — and misleading.   03.24.02

Protecting the punch line — it's serious business
By Ken Paulson The right to tell a joke that may offend others is as critical to our way of life as it is to stand on the proverbial soapbox and raise one’s voice in protest.   03.10.02

Movie censorship software: When parents can't say no
By Ken Paulson There's something a little disquieting about turning parental guidance over to a software manufacturer.   02.24.02

Keeping government out of religion — and vice-versa
By Ken Paulson Simple message high atop Bill of Rights sometimes seems lost on public officials.   02.10.02

Slim Shady revisited: Will the real FCC please stand up?
By Ken Paulson Officials made a bizarre series of moves before deciding that edited version of rapper Eminem's song could be played on radio.   01.27.02

Book-burning in America: when wizards go up in smoke
By Ken Paulson Same First Amendment that protects books, music also gives Harry Potter critics right to destroy books in a public demonstration.   01.13.02

Spreading the faith — one windshield at a time
By Ken Paulson Armed with her rights, one woman proves you can fight city hall and win.   12.30.01

The spirit of 1791
By Ken Paulson Happy birthday to the Bill of Rights — including the First Amendment — no less potent today than it was 210 years ago, a living, evolving document that continues to shape our nation.   12.16.01

Dueling polls: How popular is the press?
By Ken Paulson If your local news isn't making the grade, speak up: Sometimes it takes a little free speech to help improve a free press.   12.02.01

Zoning free expression: Public safety and the power of protest
Seattle's inability to control hundreds of unruly demonstrators cut off the assembly rights of thousands.   11.18.01

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