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Does using filters to block parts of the Internet violate the First Amendment?
Internet filters give librarians control in order to protect children from harmful material. What’s the objection?
Who is affected by the U.S. v. ALA ruling?
Can’t patrons ask librarians to override filters when mistakes are made?
After U.S. v. ALA, are there any other legal options?
How much influence do private companies have over access?
Did the Supreme Court decide that there can be no book censorship in public school libraries?
How does the Patriot Act involve the First Amendment?
Have there been measures in Congress that would limit the Patriot Act?

Yes, numerous bills have been introduced in Congress either to revoke or modify certain powers granted to law enforcement by the Patriot Act. These have included:

  • S. 1695 — Patriot Oversight Restoration Act of 2003 (introduced Oct. 1, 2003, by Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.).
  • H.R. 3171 — Benjamin Franklin True Patriot Act (introduced Sept. 24, 2003, by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio).
  • S. 1507 — Library, Bookseller, and Personal Records Privacy Act (introduced July 21, 2003, by Sen. Russ Feingold).
  • S. 1709 — Security and Freedom Ensured Act of 2003 (introduced Oct. 2, 2003, by Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho).

Although none of the measures to curtail the Patriot Act have ever received congressional approval, some of the ideas outlined in them were incorporated into the bill Congress passed in March 2006 to renew the act. Members of Congress debated renewing provisions of the Patriot Act for more than six months before a compromise could be reached that balanced the concerns of supporters and opponents of the law. For example, individuals receiving Section 215 orders to disclose information are now able to challenge the “gag order” that accompanies it. This requirement is in line with court decisions that held that the gag orders were unconstitutional.

If a public library allows groups to meet in its building, must it allow groups like the Ku Klux Klan? Can it set guidelines?
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