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Case of the plastic plaintiff: Barbie vs. free speech
By Ken Paulson Despite lighthearted opinion, decision about satirical song was important First Amendment victory.   08.11.02

Rave on: the Grateful Dead and a new generation
By Ken Paulson Congressional move to make entertainment promoters liable for fans' drug use at events would shut down free expression at concerts, dance parties.   07.28.02

Free-speech ruling right call, but could take toll in judges' races
Supreme Court wisely lets judicial candidates speak out on issues in election campaigns, but states may want to rethink whether electing judges or appointing them will best preserve court impartiality.   07.14.02

Constitutional crossroads: where 'under God' meets 'justice for all'
By Ken Paulson Pledge of Allegiance's religious phrase shouldn't have been inserted in 1954, but in 2002 it's a little late to change it.   06.28.02

Landmark decision brought freedom to films
By Ken Paulson Until 1952, nation's courts viewed movie industry as just another business, fully subject to government regulation.   06.16.02

Graduation 2002: one last lesson in freedom
By Ken Paulson First Amendment provides all the guidance we need for these ceremonies: Public schools must respect students' rights to freedom of speech, religion.   06.02.02

Free speech on the Internet: Where old freedoms meet new media
By Ken Paulson In reviewing constitutionality of Child Online Protection Act, high court issues one of its most fragmented decisions in years.   05.19.02

Free speech is the best medicine
By Ken Paulson Supreme Court's non-marquee decisions often are the ones that make the most difference in people's lives.   05.05.02

Campaign-finance law on fast track to Neverland
By Ken Paulson Drafters of McCain-Feingold must have had a head full of pixie dust when they restricted certain pre-election broadcast ads.   04.21.02

Stars, stripes and cell phones: Symbols are secondary in a nation founded on freedom
Consider the risk of tampering with the Constitution to prevent a dozen or so people from burning their own U.S. flags each year.   04.07.02