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Banned books

Supreme Court
Bantam Books Inc. v. Sullivan, 372 U.S. 58 (1963)

Board of Education, Island Trees Union School District v. Pico, 457 U.S. 53 (1982)

United States v. One Book Called "Ulysses," District Court, SD New York 5 F. Supp. 182; 1933

Virgil v. School Board of Columbia County, Florida, 862 F.2d 1517 (11th Cir.1989)


Boyer, Paul, Purity in Print: Book Censorship in America from the Gilded Age to the Computer Age, University of Wisconsin Press, 2002

Foerstel, Herbert N., Banned in the U.S.A., Greenwood Press, 1994

Reichman, Henry, Censorship and Selection, Issues and Answers for Schools, American Association of School Administrators and the American Library Association, 1993


American Library Association Web site, including lists of recently banned books

Banned Books Online

The Censorship Pages

The File Room literature section, with extensive listing of historical, recent censorship incidents

YALSA — Young Adult Library Services Association

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Banned books
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