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  Brentwood's First Amendment impact may be limited (analysis)
  By Tony Mauro Concurrences warn against taking rationale in lead opinion too far in restricting certain speech.
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  FCC chairman pans common-sense ruling on ‘fleeting expletives’ (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski In case involving Cher, Nicole Richie, 2nd Circuit decision won't unleash torrent of televised indecency that agency says it fears.     06.17.07
  Public unions suffer setback over fees (analysis)
  By Tony Mauro Davenport shows shift away from labor unions in balancing First Amendment rights of unions, nonmembers.
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  •     06.15.07
      Would federal hate-crimes law threaten religious freedom? (commentary)
      By Charles C. Haynes Though new bill sparks fears that preaching against homosexuality could be criminalized, that's a highly unlikely outcome.     06.10.07
      2 courts apply same experience-and-logic test, get different results (commentary)
      By Douglas Lee In recent cases, one court recognizes First Amendment right of access to jurors’ names, another does not.     06.08.07
      Digital revolution raises new issues (analysis)
      By Pam Parry National survey finds most respondents oppose government regulation of social-networking groups.     06.04.07
      Internet expanding scope, meaning of ‘free press’ (commentary)
      By Gene Policinski Bloggers, citizen journalists raise legal issues about who constitutes 'the press' — including whom a proposed federal shield law would protect from revealing confidential sources.     06.03.07
      Garcetti's palpable effect on public-employee speech (analysis)
      By David L. Hudson Jr. Supreme Court's ruling successfully invoked as agencies defend against critics from within.     05.29.07
      Bible showdown in Odessa could have Texas-sized impact (commentary)
      By Charles C. Haynes When school officials try to turn a classroom into a church, sometimes it takes a judge to draw the First Amendment line.     05.27.07
      When free speech struggles against fear (commentary)
      By Ronald K.L. Collins Two new books, on free-speech heroes and on J. Edgar Hoover, show workings of censorship and how 'security' too often trumps liberty.     05.21.07
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