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Mishkin v. New York (docket #: 49) (1966)  [Findlaw]

Argument Date 12/07/1965
Decided 3/21/1966
Supreme Court Vote 6-1-2
Supreme Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied
IssueWhether the conviction under New York law of a book distributor for possessing and publishing "obscene" books of sadism and masochism violated his freedom of speech.
Majority Opinion Brennan, J.
Concurring Opinion Harlan, J.
Dissenting Opinion Black, J. & Stewart, J.
Lower Court New York Court of Appeals
Lower Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied
For Petitioner
Emanuel Redfield

For Respondent
H. Richard Uviller

Ruling - Lower Court
15 N. Y. 2d 671, 724, 204 N. E. 2d 209, 205 N. E. 2d 201
"Obscenity Case Appeal Allowed," The Washington Post, April 6, 1965, Sect. A, p. 2
"Smut Case Figure is Arrested Again," The New York Times, April 6, 1966, p. 13
Graham, Fred P. "How to Avoid Reading Spicy Books: Court Gets Advice in Obscenity Cases," The New York Times, Dec. 8, 1965, p. 31
Graham, Fred P., "High Court Rules Ads Can Be Proof of Obscene Work," The New York Times, March 22, 1966, p. 1
MacKenzie, John P., "3 Obscenity Cases Pose Problem for High Court," The Washington Post, Dec. 8, 1965, Sect. A, p. 1
Ostrow, Ronald J., "High Court Decisions on Obscenity Imminent," Los Angeles Times, March 21, 1966, p. 17
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