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The First Amendment says nothing about 'separation of church and state' or a ‘wall of separation between church and state.’ Where did this idea come from? Is it really part of the law?
What is the 'Lemon test' for religious mottos and displays in public settings?
Aren't the Ten Commandments posted in the U.S. Supreme Court chamber?
Are religious displays on public property — such as Ten Commandments in historical-documents exhibits — legal?
Are religious holiday displays on public property constitutional?
A public employee wishes to convert a fellow employee to his religion. Does he have a First Amendment right to proselytize?
May a religious group that receives funds to administer a homeless shelter discriminate in hiring on the basis of religion or adherence to religious doctrines?
May the government constitutionally place conditions on religious tax exemptions?
Does the Supreme Court's holding in Marsh mean that any plan for providing a legislature with a chaplain paid with public funds will be constitutional?
May my state pass a voucher program in which some vouchers are used at religious schools?
May a non-custodial parent be told not to expose a child to a religion other than the religion practiced by the custodial parent?
Do religious institutions have a free-exercise right to tax exemptions?
If a prisoner who practiced the Sikh religion asked to wear a kirpan (small dagger), saying he needed to wear the kirpan to express his religious faith, must prison officials grant the request?
If the Supreme Court struck down Congress' attempt to protect religious liberties in the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, why wouldn't it just do the same thing with RLUIPA?
Should society care about inmates' religious rights?
Have there been any rulings yet on RLUIPA’s constitutionality?
Do cities have the right to restrict the number of churches?
Has the Supreme Court ruled on the constitutionality of religious exemptions to state-compelled vaccination?
Which states require immunizations for public schoolchildren, and which offer religious exemptions?
How are exemption requests evaluated?
Are religious exemptions the only way to opt out of mandatory vaccination?
Can the government ever interfere with someone's religious practices?
May states be required to grant exemptions for business owners whose Sabbath requires them to close their business on another day?
May states choose only certain types of businesses to be closed on Sundays?
Are state holidays constitutional when they are directly tied to some religious observance?
Has the Supreme Court defined 'religion'?
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