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Landmark Communications, Inc. v. Virginia (docket #: 76-1450) (1978)  [Findlaw]

Argument Date 01/11/1978
Decided 5/1/1978
Supreme Court Vote 6-1-0
Supreme Court Ruling First Amendment claim upheld
IssueWhether a Virginia statute criminalizing the publication of truthful information about judicial review proceedings violated the First Amendment's freedom of speech guarantee.
Majority Opinion Burger, C.J. (Brennan, J. & Powell, J. not participating)
Concurring Opinion Stewart, J.
Lower Court Virginia Supreme Court
Lower Court Ruling First Amendment claim denied
For Petitioner
Floyd Abrams

For Respondent
James E. Kulp, Assistant Attorney General of Virginia

For Amicus
Arthur B. Hanson and Frank M. Northam for the American Newspaper Publishers Assn. (for petitioner)

Christopher B. Fager, William G. Mullen, and James R. Cregan for the National Newspaper Assn. et al. (for petitioner)

Edward Bennett Williams and John B. Kuhns for the Washington Post Co. et al. (for petitioner)

Stephen W. Bricker, Bruce J. Ennis, Joel M. Gora, and Philip J. Hirschkop for the American Civil Liberties Union et al. (for petitioner)

Ruling - Lower Court
217 Va. 699, 233 S. E. 2d 120
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