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It all adds up to loss for First Amendment
By Douglas Lee Whether critics of Texas town’s new math curriculum win or lose federal suit, dispute will teach schools how to squelch dissent — and get away with it.   08.28.01

Illinois attorneys should stand up for avowed racist
By Douglas Lee First Amendment rights of lawyers shouldn’t be sacrificed on altar of political correctness.   07.24.01

Idaho high court's misstep shouldn't be ignored
By Douglas Lee Ruling is clear, unprecedented and alarming: A newspaper that publishes information obtained from court records can be liable for invasion of privacy.   06.26.01

Ruling affirming anonymous jury flouts principle of open trials
By Douglas Lee 5th Circuit decision in U.S. v. Brown treats ordinary newsgathering as threat to ‘integrity and independence of the jury process.’   05.29.01

Muzzling advertisers won't make parents more responsible
By Douglas Lee Sen. Joe Lieberman’s plan to penalize media companies for marketing adult material to minors will only inject government into speech between manufacturer, consumer.   05.01.01

Journalists find little protection under Illinois shield law
Judge’s recent order forcing reporter to turn over notes, interview tape exposes gaping hole in privileges protecting press from lawyers’ fishing expeditions.   03.27.01

Utah census suit puts another recount battle in court
By Douglas Lee Unlike presidential-election fiasco, this case involves missionaries, military personnel and battle over congressional seat.   02.28.01

Decision in Chicago case could erode protections for political dissenters
By Douglas Lee Demonstrating how easily judges can strip away important minority rights, 7th Circuit panel recently overturned decree that barred police from spying on political groups.   01.24.01

Florida election case proved value of cameras in the courtroom
By Douglas Lee First Amendment right of access to the courts was clear winner in post-election coverage.   12.26.00

Networks should shun congressional hearings on election coverage
By Douglas Lee Voluntary participation by media in hearings would legitimize an illegitimate inquiry.   11.22.00

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