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3rd Circuit rejects juror anonymity in Wecht trial
By Douglas Lee Saying that in most cases openness outweighs risks of identifying jurors, appeals panel holds that press has right to know their names.   08.20.08

Government-speech doctrine can make restrictions too easy
By Douglas Lee Two recent cases show how a usually harmless principle may be applied in ways that put free speech at risk.   07.30.08

Fact vs. opinion: Defamation ruling makes gray area grayer
By Douglas Lee Illinois Appellate Court agrees e-mail lambasting former publisher was protected opinion, but just how protected remains unclear.   06.26.08

N.Y. protects authors against foreign libel judgments
By Douglas Lee Libel Terrorism Protection Act removes incentive for foreign defamation claims to be brought against New York defendants.   05.12.08

If this is FOIA victory, what does defeat look like?
By Douglas Lee Despite federal judge's favorable ruling, citizen group still hasn't received some of the information it requested as long ago as 2004.   04.09.08