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Despite some malice, most Americans respect Islam, religious diversity
By Charles C. Haynes U.S. history shows religious intolerance has lost ground over time; Americans followed President Bush's example in not condemning all Muslims for terror attacks.   09.15.02

Let's make Sept. 11 an annual Day of Freedom in our schools
By Charles C. Haynes It's time for America's schools to move from 'teaching in a time of terror' to 'teaching for a new birth of freedom.'   09.01.02

Watch out: War on terrorism should not mean war on Islam
War of words carried out by Franklin Graham, Bill O'Reilly and others risks further alienating Americans from world's 1.2 billion Muslims.   08.18.02

Feel-good interfaith events may paper over deep differences
By Charles C. Haynes But members of different religious traditions shouldn't resort to demonizing others, either, as we remember Sept. 11.   08.04.02

Religious-diversity lessons in schools can go too far
By Charles C. Haynes Having students act out religious rituals and practices puts public schools in the position of sponsoring religion.   07.21.02

Vouchers pass constitutional test, but are they good for America?
By Charles C. Haynes We need to decide what kind of educational system will enable our religiously diverse nation to live with our deepest differences.   07.07.02

The pledge flap: Let's brush up our civics
By Charles C. Haynes Many of us need to relearn that respecting the flag means respecting the rights of others, even those with whom we deeply disagree.   07.03.02

Why Jehovah's Witnesses' victory is a win for all of us
By Charles C. Haynes However, Supreme Court frames proselytizing group's right to go door-to-door as free-speech issue, neglecting to mention free exercise of religion.   06.23.02

Teaching about religion in public schools takes preparation — but we can do it
By Charles C. Haynes Educators must avoid 'quick fixes' if they want to effectively answer students' questions that have arisen since Sept. 11.   06.09.02

Surge of anti-Semitism must not go unopposed
By Charles C. Haynes Attacks on Jews in U.S., around the world go beyond assaults on religious freedom — if ignored, they will eradicate the Jewish people.   05.26.02

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