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Why I am boycotting the China Olympics
By Charles C. Haynes For all of the hype about how giving China the Olympics would lead to more openness and concern for human rights by Beijing, the opposite has taken place.   08.14.08

When government prays, religion loses
By Charles C. Haynes Why anyone of faith would support ceremonial public prayers stripped of religious meaning is hard to fathom.   08.03.08

In marriage debate, divorce church from state
By Charles C. Haynes Maybe we should separate secular from sacred by drawing a bright line between civil arrangements and the sacrament of marriage.    07.20.08

An American question on the 4th of July
By Charles C. Haynes To many who have been denied the full promise of 'liberty and justice for all,' Independence Day is a challenge to the future.   07.03.08

Religious charter schools: Follow the money, lose the faith
By Charles C. Haynes Catholic dioceses and other religious groups looking to charter schools as a funding alternative may find that problems outweigh benefits.    06.22.08