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Looking behind the numbers
By Charles C. Haynes Post-Sept. 11 spike in number of Americans who think religion is gaining influence belies steady gains made over years.   12.23.01

How to handle religious holidays in public schools
By Charles C. Haynes Upholding the First Amendment is key to solving the yearly 'December dilemma.'   12.09.01

Giving thanks for fragile freedoms
By Charles C. Haynes Now that our freedoms are under attack, we’ve awakened to how much we have to lose.   11.25.01

Put God back in schools? He never left
By Charles C. Haynes Students already have right to religious expression; re-imposing state-sponsored prayers won't save America.   11.11.01

Recite pledge, but know meaning behind the words
By Charles C. Haynes Students need to learn that respecting the flag means respecting fundamental rights — including the right to dissent or opt out on grounds of conscience.   10.28.01

Citizenship isn't defined by religious affiliation
By Charles C. Haynes To uphold our commitment to First Amendment, we must do everything to guard the rights of all — even those with whom we deeply disagree.   10.14.01

America's schools must be summoned to defend freedom
By Charles C. Haynes While terrorists use tools of indoctrination, propaganda to teach blind obedience, our schools must use democratic principles to instill an abiding commitment to universal human rights.   09.30.01

With liberty and justice for all: the America we must protect
By Charles C. Haynes Defending the rights of all citizens is at the heart of what it means to be an American.   09.16.01

Recognizing students' rights makes for safer schools
By Charles C. Haynes Silencing students only breeds the very alienation and resentment that cause many of the problems in the first place.   09.02.01

America's landscape now a rich tapestry of diverse religions
By Charles C. Haynes Challenge is to sustain, expand this extraordinary experiment in religious freedom even as we grow more and more religiously different.   08.19.01

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