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Journalists need a get-out-of-jail-free card
By Paul K. McMasters Law enforcement wants journalists to help do its investigating — and is filing charges against them if they refuse.   11.28.04

Pounding the press over too much bias — and objectivity
By Paul K. McMasters Amid ups, downs of election news, one thing's for sure: The press is free to make, and correct, mistakes — and we're free to criticize it.   11.14.04

Dirty driving: a distraction or a right?
By Paul K. McMasters X-rated DVDs playing inside vehicles but visible to others have prompted laws in 38 states — but beware constitutional 'yield' signs.   11.07.04

Taking prisoners in the war on journalism
By Paul K. McMasters Hunt for whoever leaked CIA agent's name puts shadow of jail over journalists instead of leakers.   10.24.04

Public: low marks for nation's press
By Paul K. McMasters 2004 survey with American Journalism Review finds deep belief in news media bias.


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