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Video-game ratings: a tool or a weapon?
By Paul K. McMasters Never does the ponderous machinery of government and commerce rev up so quickly as when the republic is threatened by, uh, sex.   07.31.05

Patriot Act is Exhibit A on the risks of secrecy
By Paul K. McMasters The problem with excessive government secrecy is that it is a refuge for incompetence — or worse.   07.17.05

Giving up a source or giving up freedom
By Paul K. McMasters Supreme Court’s rejection of two subpoenaed reporters’ petitions is dismaying when jail time is viewed by judges and prosecutors as a way to coerce information.   07.03.05

Speak freely but beware of the big stick
By Paul K. McMasters You don’t have to be a pornographer, a defamer or an extremist to be charged with a speech crime.    06.19.05

When school grounds become free-speech battlegrounds
By Paul K. McMasters Should high school students have full freedom to exercise their First Amendment rights?   06.05.05

Press pays a price for anonymous sources
By Paul K. McMasters But whiff of hypocrisy rises from government complaints about Newsweek's anonymously sourced story about Quran abuse at Guantanamo, considering that officials demand to go off the record all the time.   05.22.05

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