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New Supreme Court needs new First Amendment direction
By Paul K. McMasters Over the next year justices will render opinions in cases that bear directly on whether we have full or constricted freedoms when we wish to engage in crucial issues.   10.07.05

Journalists in jail: bad news for a democracy
By Paul K. McMasters Unlike China and Cuba, we have a Constitution that protects journalists from being jailed — except when we find ways around it.   09.25.05

Post-9/11 secrecy: pervasive and dangerous
By Paul K. McMasters With too closed a government, we court dysfunctional democracy, or government by hindsight, in which post-crisis panels struggle to explain what never should have happened.    09.11.05

Constructing a red-light district on the Internet
By Paul K. McMasters Wouldn't a '.xxx' domain protect people from porn while protecting it from censorship? Yet folks on both sides of the pornography debate oppose the idea.   08.28.05

Censorship by any other name is so much easier
By Paul K. McMasters If we think expression is indecent, the easy way is to get government to ban it or regulate it; the hard way is to engage it, decry it, discourage it, present a better alternative.   08.14.05

Video-game ratings: a tool or a weapon?
By Paul K. McMasters Never does the ponderous machinery of government and commerce rev up so quickly as when the republic is threatened by, uh, sex.   07.31.05

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