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Secrecy makes democracy dysfunctional
By Paul K. McMasters Government increasingly and damagingly constricting flow of information that should be public — and it's up to the public to correct this bad relationship.   03.12.06

Discouraging words: the war on information
By Paul K. McMasters Ironically, while administration officials suppress and punish criticism by government employees, they expand the boundaries of their own speech.   02.26.06

Drawing fire and blood: free speech and religion
By Paul K. McMasters Though we should worry about expression that crosses a line, we also must concern ourselves about the difference between responsibility and fear — the danger of sensitivity becoming silence.   02.12.06

The feds Google for a chill on freedom
By Paul K. McMasters Government demands for data on search-engine activity — resisted by Google — put the frost of censorship in the air.   01.29.06

Blowing the whistle can also blow a career
By Paul K. McMasters Government employees who disclose excesses and missteps are supposed to be protected; all too often they are frog-marched to punishment.   01.15.06

Prying by the press exposes spying on Americans
By Paul K. McMasters We should be glad we have a news media that looks into how our freedoms fare in the war on terror.   01.01.06

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