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Will Supreme Court give primacy to privacy?
By Paul K. McMasters If justices protect cell-phone privacy at the expense of First Amendment free-press rights, we'll all lose.   01.04.01

First Amendment: still under siege at age 209
By Paul K. McMasters Spoiling this year's birthday party are those who sense they can restrict our first freedoms by tapping into deep resentments of ordinary people against expression they despise.   12.15.00

A hero without sword or shield
By Paul K. McMasters William Lawbaugh stood up for campus press freedom at Mount Saint Mary's College in Maryland, and has paid a steep price.   11.27.00

A leaky bureaucracy is good for democracy
By Paul K. McMasters Through legislative legerdemain, we nearly ended up with a law that would have punished those who seek to promote good government.   11.10.00

Trying to shut out the light by banning books
By Paul K. McMasters First came the press, then came pressure not to print "dangerous publications," a regrettable tilt toward censorship that persists across the centuries.   09.25.00

A panic of biblical proportions over media violence
By Paul K. McMasters Have you heard the one about '1,000 studies linking media to violence'? They don't exist.   08.21.00

'Tools' fail as strategies to keep kids away from Net sex at libraries
By Paul K. McMasters Paul McMasters testifies before National Research Council that effort to combat 'harmful' material does more harm than good.   07.18.00

It's the 'principal' of the thing
By Paul K. McMasters One administrator takes high road in handling controversy over student newspaper; another takes wrong path by trying to squelch student expression.   07.11.00

Pinning a label on violence in media
Someone should be keeping track of all the proposals coming out of Congress to regulate what the rest of us can see, hear and say. It is a long and scary list.   06.23.00

Plugging a leak by puncturing freedom
By Paul K. McMasters In Washington, where information is power, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence proposes to keep secrets by jailing those who talk to the press.   06.16.00

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