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Target practice on the First Amendment
By Paul K. McMasters Remember the Juvenile Justice bill? That's the legislation that members of Congress festooned with overwrought proposals in an attempt to appear to be doing something about the high school shooting tragedy in Littleton, Colo. The bill faded from the public mind after contentious arguments broke out over gun proposals.   02.28.00

Shut up and eat everything on your plate
By Paul K. McMasters 'Free speech not only lives, it rocks!' TV talk show queen Oprah Winfrey exulted after a federal judge dismissed a multimillion lawsuit against her by Texas cattlemen outraged by remarks she and a guest made on one of her shows. That was in February 1998.   02.21.00

Forget banning books, let's burn the library
By Paul K. McMasters The library is a monument to all the best impulses in the human mind and spirit. It is a tribute to wisdom and understanding. No community is complete without one.   02.14.00

Openness, order must coexist in court
By Paul K. McMasters For two centuries, the nine justices of the Supreme Court have represented the judicial branch of our government as the president of the United States delivered the annual State of the Union address.   01.31.00

The media: bells, whistles and flashing lights
By Paul K. McMasters If you thought that news about the media couldn't get any more bizarre, you haven't been paying attention.   01.26.00

Free speech is not always just about the First Amendment
By Paul K. McMasters Atlanta Braves' pitcher John Rocker is catching a lot of flack from minority groups, the commissioner of baseball, his boss, his teammates, the mayor of New York, and just about everyone else with a conscience or a microphone. There's even a special Web site devoted to flaming Rocker.   01.11.00

First Amendment: Surviving Year 2000 challenges
By Paul K. McMasters Since the World War I era, First Amendment freedoms have been firmly internalized by our social, political and legal systems. But the eternal urge to censor speech has not been tamed. Thus, Americans pay lip service to free speech but don't trust it any further than the tips of their own tongues.   01.03.00

Press faces new year of old problems
By Paul K. McMasters Ethical lapses, adverse court decisions, public hostility, media-reform proposals threaten press's independence.   12.28.99

Why the panic over online information?
By Paul K. McMasters It's the same data already filed in other forms, but we seem willing to shut off electronic information at the drop of a hat.   12.13.99

When First Amendment principles go global
By Paul K. McMasters News media should have been better prepared to cover World Trade Organization protests in Seattle, because nothing organizes ordinary people like attempts by governments or elites to shut them up and shut them out.   12.06.99

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