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Press pays a price for anonymous sources
By Paul K. McMasters But whiff of hypocrisy rises from government complaints about Newsweek's anonymously sourced story about Quran abuse at Guantanamo, considering that officials demand to go off the record all the time.   05.22.05

A question of priorities: bin Laden’s privacy or your right to know?
By Paul K. McMasters Thoughtful officials must more carefully calculate the point where secrecy becomes no longer a protection for freedom but a threat to freedom.   05.08.05

Movie-sanitizing technology: clean flicks or dirty tricks?
By Paul K. McMasters If we convert everything that comes our way to just another version of what we already know, believe and are comfortable with, we will stunt our intellects.   04.24.05

Surrendering our choices to a sense of decency
By Paul K. McMasters Parents have a wide range of tools to keep indecent programming out of their homes if they wish — but some people seem bound to restrict our choices to their tastes.   04.10.05

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